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Our Services

Forecasting the Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) Opportunity

Utilizing operational and geospatial modeling for AAM.

UAM Geomatics forecasts the business case for AAM across UATM, ground infrastructure, vehicle OEM, and Operator supply chains on a regional basis. This is conducted using complex gravity modeling and geospatial analysis that produces annualized results out to 2045. We produce ticket pricing, vertiport deployment estimates, passenger demand figures, eVTOL fleet forecasts, and much much more.

eVTOL over city

Comprehensive Geospatial Analysis

The first step any jurisdiction must take to prepare for future air mobility is a comprehensive ArcGIS mapping of existing assets, demographics, and up to 60 layers of current aviation infrastructure including hospitals, ground-based transportation modes, and manufacturing facilities/logistics centers. Ninety-two maps already exist in our ecosystem, and new cities and regions are frequently added, usually upon client request. Subscribers can leverage the large datasets by exporting the data and utilizing their analysis tools or by contacting our team to provide additional analysis. 

Air traffic control center

Industry-wide AAM forecasts

Forecasting multiple use-cases such as regional air mobility, airport shuttle, on-demand, business aviation, medical, and cargo. Our data sets include optimized regional infrastructure deployments of vertiports, ATM systems, and eVTOL fleets on an annual basis. Our dynamic price-elastic modeling incorporates these costs into our ticket price curves to determine demand.

Economic Impact Analysis

GDP, Jobs, and Tax Revenue

We use advanced input-output modeling powered by IMPLAN, utilizing our own bespoke impact coefficients. Our results include a region’s new jobs, tax revenues, and overall economic productivity (direct, indirect, and induced) through 2045. Additionally, we forecast the economics and efficiencies of drone use across numerous industries. Clients who order an Economic Impact Analysis will also receive full access to the services mentioned above.

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How to Gain Access

Please get in touch with us via the contact page or directly at our email address ( Once we receive your details, we'll reach out to schedule a demo. During the demo or via email correspondence afterward, we'll finalize the services you require. Subsequently, we'll create accounts for you to access our services.

eVTOL and vertiport on rooftop
Written Report

Global AAM Industry Report

We provide all subscribers with an Industry-wide report detailing future AAM business opportunities. The report covers over 90 major cities and regions, making up over 25% of the global GDP. We analyze passenger demand, key market segments, and infrastructure investment strategies.  It is updated biannually to remain relevant to the industry's atmosphere.

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